SCEC Project 15136 Meeting

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Organizers: Nico Luco and Sanaz Rezaeian
Date: Monday, September 14, 2015 (17:15-18:45)
Location: Hilton Palm Springs Resort, Oasis II Room, Palm Springs, CA
Participants: See below


To discuss the use in validation comparisons of previously-discussed ground motion parameters and empirical ground motion prediction equations that are currently being implemented on the SCEC Broadband Platform.


5:15-5:25pm - Welcome and purpose of meeting - Luco

5:25-5:35pm - Overview of GMSV gauntlet implementation project - Rezaeian

5:35-5:40pm - Questions - All

5:40-5:50pm - Ground motion parameters and GMPE's implemented on Broadband Platform (BBP) - Silva/Maechling

5:50-5:55pm - Questions - All

5:55-6:05pm - Pseudo spectral acceleration validation comparisons implemented for BBP validation exercise - Goulet

6:05-6:10pm - Questions - All

6:10-6:20pm - Validation comparisons to be implemented for newly-implemented ground motion parameters - Bayless/Skarlatoudis

6:20-6:40pm - Discussion - All

6:40-6:45pm - Summary of discussion - Luco


1) John Anderson, UNR; 2) Ralph Archuleta, UCSB; 3) Domniki Asimaki, Caltech; 4) Shima Azizzadeh-Roodpish, Memphis; 5) Jeff Bayless, AECOM; 6) Jacobo Bielak, CMU; 7) Nenad Bijelic, Stanford; 8) Brendon Bradley, Canterbury; 9) Jorge Crempien, UCSB; 10) C.B. Crouse, AECOM; 11) Luis Dalguer, SwissNuclear; 12) Greg Deierlein, Stanford; 13) Carmine Galasso, London; 14) Christine Goulet, PEER/SCEC; 15) Rob Graves, USGS; 16) Caroline Holden, GNS; 17) Mehrdad Hosseini, AECOM; 18) Nicolas Luco, USGS; 19) Phil Maechling, SCEC; 20) Kim Olsen, SDSU; 21) Shahram Pezeshk, Memphis; 22) Hoby Razafindrakoto, Canterbury; 23) Sanaz Rezaeian, USGS; 24) Jian Shi, Caltech; 25) Fabio Silva, SCEC; 26) Paul Somerville, AECOM; 27) Seok Goo Song, KIGAM; 28) Ricardo Taborda, Memphis; 29) Karim Tarbali, Canterbury; 30) Alexandra Tsioulou, London; 31) Farzin Zareian, UCI; 32) Peng Zhong, UCI

Unable to attend: Jack Baker, Stanford; Mayssa Dabaghi, AU-Beirut; Iunio Iervolino, UNINA; Ting Lin, Marquette; Andreas Skarlatoudis, AECOM; Jonathan Stewart, UCLA

Action Items

  • This year: Finish implementation of the selected ground-motion parameters (GMP's) and their empirical ground-motion models (GMM's) in the Broadband Platform (BBP).
  • This year: For the newly-implemented GMP's, make use of the comparisons between simulated and recorded ground motions and empirical GMM's that were developed by the BBP Validation Study for elastic pseudo spectral acceleration.
  • This year: Post Python codes for the newly-implemented GMP's and previously-developed BBP comparison plots and tables on the GMSV TAG wiki.
  • This year: Convene a workshop to demonstrate use of the newly-implemented GMP's to compare simulated and recorded ground motions and (newly-implemented) empirical GMM's.
  • Next year: Consider implementing additional GMP's, e.g., pulse period and amplitude, and a combination of peak ground velocity and peak ground displacement.
  • Next year: Consider implementing revisions to the Anderson GOF parameter(s) that quantify whether simulated ground motions are larger or smaller than recorded ground motions.
  • Next year: Develop new comparisons of simulated and recorded ground motions and empirical GMM's, e.g., using Bayesian Model Selection.