Q&A with Ground Motion Modelers

Organizers: Greg Deierlein and Farzin Zareian
Date: Tuesday, September 15, 2015 (17:30-19:00)
Location: Hilton Palm Springs Resort, Oasis II Room, Palm Springs, CA
Participants: See below


With the aim of furthering the development and utilization of simulated earthquake ground motions, the objectives of this meeting are to (1) articulate the significant benefits that can be realized from the use of simulated ground motions in engineering applications, (2) present observations and questions raised in recent structural engineering studies to apply simulated ground motions, and (3) facilitate discussion and effective collaboration between earth science and engineering researchers toward improving and utilizing earthquake simulations.


Recent observations from engineering uses of simulated motions as part of the SCEC GMSV effort will be presented along with encountered issues, challenges and implications. In particular, the focus is on simulated motions from the SCEC Broadband Platform and the SCEC CyberShake projects with applications to nonlinear analyses of building models. Open questions related to observed properties of simulated motions will be presented by the members of the GMSV TAG to foster discussion between the earthquake modelers and engineering researchers. Discussion on the pertinent topics from the perspective of ground motion modelers will be encouraged, including geotechnical simulation of near- surface layers. Finally, feedback on potential areas of future collaboration will be solicited to help identify and direct efforts to improve and make them useful for engineering applications.

Proposed format:

1) Presentations on observations and questions by GMSV TAG members (Stanford, UC Irvine): 30 min

2) Open discussion regarding the posed questions; general discussion on pertinent research, challenges and directions from the perspective of ground motion modelers as related to engineering studies: 30-45 min

3) Feedback on opportunities for future collaboration: 15-30 min


Plan to attend in person: 1) Sean Ahdi, UCLA; 2) John Anderson, UNR; 3) Domniki Asimaki, Caltech; 4) Greg Beroza, Stanford; 5) Jacobo Bielak, CMU; 6) Nenad Bijelic, Stanford; 7) Brendon Bradley, Canterbury; 8) Scott Callaghan; SCEC/USC; 9) C.B. Crouse, AECOM; 10) Yifeng Cui, SDSC; 11) Greg Deierlein, Stanford; 12) Carmine Galasso, London; 13) Rob Graves, USGS; 14) Tom Jordan, USC/SCEC; 15) Sam Lee, Guangzhou; 16) Nicolas Luco, USGS; 17) Phil Maechling, USC/SCEC; 18) Kevin Milner, SCEC/USC; 19) Kim Olsen, SDSU; 20) Shahram Pezeshk, Memphis; 21) Sanaz Rezaeian, USGS; 22) Paul Somerville, AECOM; 23) Jonathan Stewart, UCLA; 24) Ricardo Taborda, Memphis; 25) Farzin Zareian, UCI; 26) Peng Zhong, UCI

Plan to attend remotely: Ting Lin, Marquette

Unable to attend: Gail Atkinson, Western; Jack Baker, Stanford