In-person Coordination Meeting

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Organizers: Nico Luco and Sanaz Rezaeian
Date: Monday, September 8, 2014 (17:45-18:45)
Location: Hilton Palm Springs Resort (Oasis II Room), Palm Springs, CA
Participants: 13 total (see below)


To discuss ...

  • writing a GMSV TAG progress report (SRL journal paper).


John Anderson (UNR), Domniki Asimaki (Caltech), Jack Baker (Stanford), Jeff Bayless (URS), Nenad Bijelic (Stanford), Greg Deierlein (Stanford), Caroline Holden (GNS), Monica Kohler (Caltech), Nicolas Luco (USGS), Sanaz Rezaeian (USGS), Jonathan Stewart (UCLA), Ricardo Taborda (Memphis), Farzin Zareian (UCI)


  • Importance of simulations for sites other than Vs30=860 m/s was discussed. Particular attention was given to the lack of site effect models for simulations. Dominic Asimaki proposed to provide a method for modification of time-series. Ultimately this led to a multi-PI proposal by Asimaki, Anderson, and Stewart.
  • Plans for a multi-PI GMSV project were discussed. The group felt that we have done enough research within the TAG to start implementing simple validation proxies on the SCEC Broadband Platform (BBP).
  • Ultimately, a multi-PI project proposal was submitted in response to the above bullet point, involving Christine Goulet as a representative from the BBP, Luco and Rezaeian from USGS, Bayless and Skarlatoudis from URS, and coordination with Philip Maechling and Fabio Silva from SCEC for integration of some validation metrics into the BBP.